The Mobile App Growth Salary Landscape Across Europe (2024)

The European mobile app market is booming, fueled by a tech-savvy population and a growing number of startups and established players vying for user attention. This competitive landscape translates into a strong demand for skilled professionals in User Acquisition (UA) and App Store Optimization (ASO), the cornerstones of mobile app growth.

But how do salaries for these roles vary across different European cities? This article delves into salary trends for UA and ASO professionals in key European hubs, providing valuable insights for both employers and job seekers. 



Salary data used in this article comes partly reputable from sources such as Glassdoor, Indeed and Payscale, as well as AppRecruit's own data based on the salaries of the candidates we have in our database.

It's important to acknowledge that salaries can vary depending on factors like experience level, specific skill set, company size, and industry. The data presented here provides a general overview of average salaries for UA and ASO roles in major European cities.


City UA Specialist (Average Annual Salary) ASO Specialist (Average Annual Salary) Data Source**
London, UK €85,000 - €110,000 €75,000 - €100,000, 

Berlin, Germany €65,000 - €85,000 €55,000 - €75,000, StepStone Germany Salary Report 2024 

Amsterdam, Netherlands €70,000 - €90,000 €60,000 - €80,000, Randstad Netherlands Salary Report 2024 

Paris, France €60,000 - €80,000 €50,000 - €70,000, Michael Page France Salary Report 20 

Stockholm, Sweden €75,000 - €95,000 €65,000 - €85,000, Academic Work Sweden Salary Report 2024
Barcelona, Spain €55,000 - €75,000 €45,000 - €65,000, Hays Spain Salary Report 2024 

Milan, Italy €50,000 - €70,000 €40,000 - €60,000,2.htm, Gi Group Italy Salary Report 2024


Key Trends and Observations:

  • Western European Hubs Lead the Pack: Cities like London, Amsterdam, and Stockholm generally offer the highest salaries for UA and ASO professionals, reflecting a higher cost of living and a more competitive tech landscape.
  • German Market Offers Value: Berlin boasts a thriving mobile app scene with a good balance between salary and cost of living compared to other Western European cities.
  • Southern European Cities Show Lower Averages: Cities like Barcelona and Milan generally have lower average salaries for UA and ASO roles compared to their Northern European counterparts. However, the cost of living can also be lower in these locations.

Additional Factors to Consider:

Beyond the data presented, other factors can influence mobile app growth salaries in Europe:

  • Company Size and Stage: Salaries at established multinational corporations or well-funded startups might be higher compared to smaller studios.
  • Specific Skill Set: Specialization in a particular UA channel (e.g., influencer marketing) or deep knowledge of ASO tools can command a premium.
  • Experience Level: Naturally, professionals with extensive experience and a proven track record can expect higher salaries.


Understanding salary trends in your target market is crucial for both talent acquisition and career planning. This data provides a starting point for mobile app companies looking to recruit top UA and ASO talent in Europe, while also offering valuable insights for job seekers navigating the mobile app growth landscape. Remember, salary is just one aspect to consider. Company culture, career growth opportunities, and overall work-life balance are equally important factors in making informed career decisions.